Parents often have a hard time understanding why their child doesn’t enjoy reading, especially when it is something they grew up enjoying. However, if you simply let your child go on hating reading, you might miss some of the clues that a bigger problem is going on. Here are three common reasons why children hate reading, all of which cover up a bigger problem:

  1. Your child is struggling with reading:

    If every time your child has an opportunity to read they say “I hate reading,” this statement could often be retranslated to say: “I have a difficult time reading so I don’t enjoy it.” When a task is difficult for a person, it puts a huge strain on their mind and often arouses stress, neither which are enjoyable. So if your child hates to read, it is important to dig deeper and find out if this is because they are struggling with reading. There are several reasons your child might be struggling with reading including: dyslexia, decoding issues, poor vocabulary.

    If you discover this is the reason your child hates to read, there are several things that can provide them with reading help: reading tutors, reading software, reading practice, and vocabulary building activities.

  2. Your child is distracted when reading:

    Often children don’t learn how much enjoyment they can get out of reading a good book because they are too distracted to pay attention to the words they are reading. If your child seems to read well but they still hate to read, it’s most likely because they have other things on their mind that are taking priority. When the mind is distracted it is usually caused by emotional distractions. A bad day at school, problems with friends, worry, etc… If this is a recurrent problem, there could be something serious that is weighing on your child’s mind. This could also a sign of ADD/ADHD.

  3. Your child is bored when reading:

    If your child reads well, and can easily explain what is happening in a story, but still claims to hate reading, its most likely because they are bored by the books they have to read. Finding books that relate to your child’s interests can help them find more enjoyment in reading.

Have you found anything that has worked to get your child to love reading?