If you know how to sound out a word you are using phonics skills. Without this ability it is nearly impossible to learn to read new words. Any extra reading practice that you can do at home to reinforce phonics skills is always a bonus. However, practice doesn’t have to mean rote or boring. Check out these ideas:

  • Stick post-it-type notes, with the first letter of an object written down and place them throughout your home. If your child can say the letter and make the sound of the letter they can remove the note from the object.
  • Use Scrabble tiles to make or change words. Start with three letter words and then move onto four and five letter words.
  • Help your child make their own alphabet book by cutting out pictures from magazines and then pasting them into a blank paper filled binder with A – Z tabbed index sheets.
  • Take advantage of free online resources for printable reading worksheets and vocabulary word lists.

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