The art of storytelling helps young children make connections in their own communities while increasing their emergent literacy skills. Storytelling allows children to organize and make sense of life experiences while making meaning and communicating with others (Anderson & Foley, 1998; Cooper, 2007).

In our fast-paced society, storytelling helps children become better listeners and learners (Anderson & Foley, 1998; Cooper, 2007; Dupree, 1993).

Published over a decade ago, Storytelling for Literacy by Sheila Dailey Carroll explores the continuing rise of illiteracy due to the decrease of simple forms of communication including conversation, stories, songs, and rhymes - this study investigated the possibility of reestablishing the connection between literacy and orality through education, especially with ESL and ELL students and with developmentally impaired adults.

I am a little concerned that with all of the advances in education technology, and their use in the classroom, we may lose the ability to fortify and motivate literacy skills in our schools.  Is there still a commitment to storytelling in the classroom out there?