3 Ways to Encourage Language Development in Babies and Toddlers

There are several things you can do as a parent to encourage your baby or toddler to develop the language skills needed in today’s society:

  1. Talk to your baby/toddler – and talk a lot! Talk about anything you can think of when your baby is in ear shot. Current events, movies, shopping, anything that exposes your child to the English language.
  2. Respond to your baby/toddler – even if the things your baby or toddler say sound like babbling and you don’t understand what she is saying… still respond. Nod, smile, or pat her on the back when she is trying to communicate to you. Copy her actions and body language. Let your child know that she has control over her environment and she can communicate her needs.
  3. READ with your baby/toddler – reading aloud to your child further expose him to language and allow him to connect words with images.

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Angela is the Marketing Manager at Reading Horizons. She has been with the company since September 2009 and through her time with the company has gained a passion for literacy. When she is not promoting literacy she enjoys reading, boating, playing cards, and trying anything new that presents itself.

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