Helpful Hints for Adults with Dyslexia or Other Learning Disabilities

Below are eight helpful tips that you can use if you have dyslexia or any other learning disabilities.

  1. When taking classes to improve skills, use a tape recorder in class to record the lesson. Later, listen to the tape a number of times until you understand it completely. Then, write down the important points.
  2. Use a voice-recording device to leave messages at home or on the job site. This provides good practice for both communication and organization.
  3. Put material needed for the next day’s chores or jobs in an obvious place so you will see it when leaving the house. This is important because dyslexics often forget items that they can’t see, and it may thwart short-term memory problems.
  4. Carry a small notebook to jot down information needed on the job, for class work, for shopping, or for chores.
  5. Put the car and house keys on a peg where they will be easily seen.
  6. Admit that you are dyslexic (or have other LDs), and request assistance that makes it possible for you to function at your full intellectual capacity. When attending a class, seminar, or speech, ask for permission to record it instead of taking notes. When taking a written driver’s examination, ask to have someone read the questions to you.
  7. You might ask for more time to take written tests. It is better to discover what someone actually knows than never to discover his capabilities. Although speed can be a factor in taking a test, knowledge and accuracy should come first.
  8. Ask that your tests be given orally. Most dyslexics verbalize well and, outside of a stressful, written, timed situation, are excellent speakers.

Source: Cronin, Eileen M., Ph.D. Helping Your Dyslexic Child. New York: Three Rivers Press, 1997, p. 143.

List some tips you use to help someone with dyslexia in the comment section below.

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Shantell Berrett is a certified trainer and dyslexia specialist. She has been working for Reading Horizons for 2 years. She enjoys being with her family, dancing and tutoring those who struggle with reading.

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