Dyslexia and Reading Disorders

“Dyslexia is not a disease to have and to be cured of, but a way of thinking and learning. Often it’s a gifted mind waiting to be found and taught.” –Girard Sagmiller, “Dyslexia My Life”

It’s estimated that 43% of adults in our nation are reading at or below a sixth-grade level. A majority of these individuals (30% [J1] of the 43%) lack instruction that properly addresses the learning disadvantages they struggle with (Dyslexia, ADD, etc.); while others lack literacy instruction entirely. These statistics represent not just adults, but children, who will grow up with poor literacy skills and face missed opportunities.

Solutions for Dyslexia

The good news is there are simple proven solutions to help people with dyslexia or other reading disorders. Research studies have shown that the dyslexic brain can be "rewired" through an investigation of systematic phonics.

Yale researchers have shown when people with dyslexia try to read, a front part of the brain is over-stimulated while crucial portions in the center and back are under-stimulated. The diagrams show brain stimulation during reading.

Source: Drs. Sally Shaywitz and Bennet Shaywitz
New York Times

According to Dr. Sally Shaywitz, author of Overcoming Dyslexia, programs that teach phonics systematically and explicitly are the most effective in learning disability treatment. Reading Horizons At-Home teaches how to break the reading code in a sequential, systematic and simple format that helps all readers understand, retain and apply easily. Reading Horizons At-Home provides the foundational concepts that govern the language.


Reading Horizons At-Home empowers struggling readers with decoding strategies that will help them read with confidence.

Reading Horizons At-Home can be taught using direct instruction, computer software, or a combination of the two. For dyslexia, improvement happens when learners are allowed to work autonomously at the computer and then receive reinforcement through one-on-one direct instruction. Reading Horizons provides the tools to reach struggling readers the way no other program does.

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