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Vocabulary Words - High School - A:

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  • abolition
    (n.) The stopping of something by law.

  • abstract
    (adj.) Related to ideas instead of real people, places, or objects.
    (n.) A summary of a long piece of writing.

  • accede
    (v.) To agree.

  • acetylcholine
    (n.) A chemical that a neuron uses to send a message to another cell.

  • actin
    (n.) One of the protein components of muscle.

  • adhere
    (v.) To stick to.

  • administration
    (n.) Managing and organizing the work of a company.

  • alicorn
    (n.) The horn on a unicorn's head..

  • alveolus
    (n.) An individual sac in the lungs that helps move oxygen into the blood stream.

  • ambassador
    (n.) An official who represents his or her country in a foreign country.

  • animated
    (v.) Past tense of animate; to draw something so that it has movement.
    (adj.) A film that shows pictures that seem to be moving.

  • anode
    (n.) A device that carries an electrical charge into something.

  • anorexia
    (n.) Loss of appetite and no interest or ability to eat.

  • antelabbit
    (n.) An imaginary animal that is a combination of a rabbit and an antelope.

  • anterior
    (adj.) In front of or on the front surface of the body.

  • anticlimatic
    (adj.) Relating to a result that is disappointing.

  • aorta
    (n.) The largest artery in the body.

  • arbitrary
    (adj.) Without listening to reason or others' opinions.

  • arboreal
    (adj.) Related to trees.

  • arteriole
    (n.) Vessels that tighten or relax to control the blood supply through the body.

  • articulation
    (n.) The name of the place where two or more bones come together.

  • aspire
    (v.) To hope to do or be something.

  • assertive
    (adj.) Confident.

  • assessment
    (n.) A test that tells about students' abilities in a subject.

  • asset
    (n.) Something with value.

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