Seventh Grade - Practice Vocabulary Word List

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Vocabulary Words - Seventh Grade - A:

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  • abandon
    (v.) To leave someone or something.
    (v.) To stop doing something.

  • abduct
    (v.) To take a person away by force.

  • abduction
    (n.) The action of taking away a person by force.

  • academy
    (n.) A school.

  • acclaim
    (n.) Good things that you say about something.

  • accommodate
    (v.) To give someone a place and other things that you need to live or work.

  • accommodation
    (n.) A place and other things that you need to live or work.

  • accountant
    (n.) A person whose job it is to keep financial records or give advice about money.

  • accumulate
    (v.) To collect or gather.

  • accurate
    (adj.) Correct.

  • acid
    (n.) A substance that is very sour, turns blue litmus paper red, and can break down other substances.

  • acne
    (n.) Red, inflamed spots on the skin.

  • acrobatics
    (n.) The activity of running, jumping, walking on wires, and flying through the air.

  • activate
    (v.) To start something.

  • adapt
    (v.) To change or adjust.

  • admission
    (n.) The price to enter a place or event.
    (n.) Being accepted to a university or college.

  • advertise
    (v.) To tell people that a product or service is for sale.

  • aerospace
    (n.) The air around the earth.

  • agency
    (n.) A business that gives a specific service.

  • algebra
    (v.) The math subject that works with variables.

  • altitude
    (n.) The distance of an object above a surface.

  • amend
    (v.) To change.

  • amphibians
    (n.) Plural of amphibian.

  • anniversary
    (n.) The date a year after a special event.

  • anxious
    (adj.) Worried, afraid.

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