Sixth Grade - Practice Vocabulary Word List

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Vocabulary Words - Sixth Grade - A:

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  • abroad
    (adv.) In a foreign country; outside the country.
    (adv.) Out of your country.

  • absolute
    (adj.) Total, complete.

  • access
    (n.) The power to enter a place, to use someone or something, or to see someone or something.

  • accomplish
    (v.) To succeed in doing something.

  • accomplishment
    (n.) Something difficult that you complete.

  • account
    (v.) To explain something.
    (n.) The story you tell about something you did or saw.
    (n.) An agreement with a bank or business.
    (n.) Money you keep in the bank to use now or in the future.

  • achieve
    (v.) To reach a goal or gain something.

  • acres
    (n.) Plural of acre; a square of land that is 69.57 yards or 63.57 meters on each side.

  • additional
    (adj.) Extra.

  • adjoining
    (adj.) Next to something and connected to it.

  • adulthood
    (n.) The state of being a fully grown person or animal.

  • affect
    (v.) To do something that makes a change.

  • aircraft
    (n.) An airplane or other flying vehicle.

  • airtight
    (adj.) Not letting air in or out.

  • album
    (n.) A book where you keep photographs, newspaper articles, or other things you want to keep.
    (n.) A collection of recorded music.

  • allies
    (n.) Friends or partners.

  • altogether
    (adv.) Totally.
    (adv.) In total.

  • ambition
    (n.) A desire to succeed.

  • ancient
    (adj.) Very old.

  • announce
    (v.) To say out loud or in public.

  • apologize
    (v.) To say you are sorry for something you have done or said.

  • appetizer
    (n.) A snack before a meal.

  • architect
    (n.) A person who designs buildings.

  • architecture
    (n.) The art and science of designing buildings.
    (n.) A style of building construction.

  • arena
    (n.) A large building where you can watch sports and concerts.

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