Third Grade - Practice Vocabulary Word List

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Vocabulary Words - Third Grade - A:

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  • above
    (preposition) Higher than.

  • active
    (adj.) Always doing something, busy.

  • activity
    (n.) An event.
    (n.) The state of being busy.

  • actor
    (n.) A person who performs in plays, movies, or TV shows..

  • adult
    (n.) A person or animal who is fully grown.

  • afternoon
    (n.) The period of time between 12 p.m. and the evening.

  • ago
    (adv.) How long in the past.

  • aid
    (n.) Help that you give.

  • aim
    (v.) To shoot or throw a bullet or ball toward a certain place.
    (n.) A goal.

  • alert
    (adj.) Aware, paying attention.

  • almost
    (adv.) Close to doing something.

  • alone
    (adv.) Without anyone or anything.

  • aloud
    (adv.) Out loud.

  • amaze
    (v.) To impress.

  • amazing
    (adj.) Impressive.

  • among
    (conjunction) Within.

  • angry
    (adj.) Mad.

  • animal
    (n.) A creature that isn't a plant or a human being.

  • antlers
    (n.) Plural of antler.

  • any
    (pronoun) One in a group when the one that you choose is not important.
    (pronoun) With a negative verb, none.

  • anyone
    (pronoun) One person in a group when the person that you choose is not important.
    (pronoun) With a negative verb, no one.

  • apart
    (adj.) Not together, in pieces.

  • apron
    (n.) A piece of cloth that you wear over your clothes to protect them when you are working.

  • aren't
    (v.) Also are not, to not exist or happen at a time or place.
    (v.) Also are not, connects people, places, or things with a word that does not describe them.

  • arranged
    (v.) Organized.

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