I have finally found the cure to my longlasting Harry Potter withdrawals: The Hunger Games! I am obsessed. It’s the first time since I finished the last Harry Potter book 3 years ago that I have become so consumed with a book that I all I can think about is reading more. I spent all of last weekend either reading the book or willing whatever I was doing to end so I could get back to reading. I started relinquishing basic and necessary tasks in order to have more time to read. I kept deciding I could continue to get by without showering, so I could spend more time reading. Yes, I know that's wrong, but these books are that good!

I tried to take away my Harry Potter withdrawals with the Twilight books a couple years back, but all those books did was make the withdrawals worse because the Twilight books were slightly difficult for me to drag myself through. I’m not into 16 girls dating boys that are technically 100 years old and that sneak into their rooms to watch them sleep. I’m also not into boys telling girls that they are in love with them and can’t live without them on what is technically their first date: it’s more than I can handle. But apparently most people can handle such painfully cheesy behavior.

But finally with The Hunger Games I have satisfied my “hunger” for a gripping book that completely encapsulates me and makes me neglect the rest of my life. I’ve missed having this much fun reading! It makes me so glad that I know how to read.

I was flying home from Boston the other day I was so into the second book, Catching Fire, that I had to have convinced anyone that was sitting next to me that I was completely crazy. Throughout the course of the flight I laughed, I started smiling like a giddy girl, I felt so hopeless for the characters that I had to put down the book for a minute in exhaustion, I was on the verge of mourning the loss of my favorite character until I made myself pick it back up to discover that not all hope was loss. I couldn’t contain myself. I haven’t finished them yet but all I can say is that if Katniss doesn’t let herself fall completely in love with Peeta, I’m going to have to rewrite the story in my mind.

Usually I am grateful for my literacy skills because of the ability they give me to continue to learn, but The Hunger Games are reminding me that I LOVE my literacy skills because of the fun they can generate!

Feel free to relish in your own love for The Hunger Games in the comment section, or you can also relish in your disapproval, either way: I’m into it and will welcome any opinion. I want any excuse to talk about the book that has taken over my mind!