Post By: Sarah Young, Reading Horizons Marketing Content Manager

Halloween is a magical time of year, especially for children. Anticipation grows with each passing day as they decorate jack-o’-lanterns, tell ghost stories, and search to find the perfect costume for the big night. Amidst the excitement of the season, Halloween safety is probably the last thing on their minds. As parents, we need to remind our student how to stay safe in order to get the most out of their Halloween festivities.

Share the following tips with your kids to ensure a happy and safe Halloween this year!

1. Child Visibility

When choosing a costume, make sure to find one with bright colors to make sure cars can see you. Also, consider putting reflective tape on either your costume or treat bag for additional visibility.

2. Skip the Mask

Some costumes come with a mask to complete the overall look. Masks can impair your vision and can even slide over your eyes if they don’t fit well. Consider using costume makeup instead. But before you do, test the makeup on a small area of skin to make sure you aren’t allergic. This way you can achieve the same effect without compromising your vision.

3. Cover Up

Depending on where you live, Halloween can be a pretty cold night. Feel free to get creative and have fun covering up! Even Tinkerbelle had a jacket in the movie: Secret of the Wings! Ask your parents to check the weather and dress accordingly.

4. Fire Precautions

Some neighbors may have actual flames as part of their Halloween décor. Be careful not to get too close! Have your parents make sure that all wigs, fabrics, and accessories are flame resistant just in case!

5. Jack-O’-Latenrns

Carving pumpkins should be saved for adults. Instead, draw a funny face on your pumpkin with a Sharpie and make your parents do all the hard work! Also, consider lighting your jack-o’-lantern with an electric candle instead of a flame for fire safety.

6. Adult Supervision

According to, children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult during their trick-or-treating experience. If there is a large group of children trick-or-treating together, there needs to be a balanced ratio of children to adults to ensure safety.

7. Neighborhood Safety

Make sure your parents know where you are at all times. If you’re old enough to go trick-or-treating by yourself, plan a neighborhood route with your parents and bring a cell phone in case you get lost and a flashlight to keep you on track. Only stop at houses that are lit – this means that they’re expecting trick-or-treaters. If your neighbor invites you inside, say no, unless you know them and have your parent’s permission. Never accept rides from strangers.

8. Eat Before You Go

Eat a healthy dinner before you go trick-or-treating. This will curb your appetite and keep you from snacking on treats before your parents have had a chance to inspect your candy.

9. Inspect Candy

Have your parents inspect your candy before you eat any of it. Do not eat anything homemade unless it’s from a neighbor your parents know and trust. Also, watch out for candy wrappers that may have been tampered with.

10. Healthy Eating

When you come home from trick-or-treating with your “loot,” don’t eat it all at once. If you ration it, it will last longer and you won’t have a tummy ache. Better yet, you don’t have to eat it at all. Ask your parents if you can donate it or trade it for a prize instead.

What are some of your favorite safety tips?

Below is a free printable for you to post in your home and share with your children. Happy trick-or-treating!