The self-professed literary guru, Oprah, features an article on her website called “10 Ways to Make Reading Fun”, which provides some hints to help make reading more enjoyable for children. To read the article in its entirety, click here.

1) Get a Gold Star

Try some positive reinforcement to kick-start the reading process. Make a list of five or 10 books you and your kids can read at the same time, and create a chart to keep track of how far you're both getting. Whether it's two pages or 200, any progress is progress worth noting.

2) Dinosaur Books vs. the DVR

Be sure that kids' books are easy to access within your home. By making these books more available than the remote, you'll encourage them to turn a page rather than turn on the TV.

3) Follow the Leader

You're a reader, too, so make time for some reading of your own! We all know how much children love to repeat the things adults say and do, and if your kids see that you're interested in your own book, they'll be quick to follow suit.

4) Lighten Up

Help your kids realize that reading pertains to more than just books. Encourage them to get their hands on everything they can, including comics, game directions, cereal boxes and kid-friendly websites.

5) Time to Read Out Loud

Your iPod or XM radio shouldn't be the only thing you're listening to. Ask your kids to read aloud regularly. That way, you can track their progress and stay aware of any difficulties they might be having.

6) The Gift That Keeps on Giving

For birthdays and holidays, give your children books, just as you would a toy. Everything is more exciting dressed in wrapping paper and a bow.

7) Slow and Steady Wins the Race

All children learn to read at a different pace. Instead of asking your little ones to finish a certain number of pages, set aside a chunk of time during which they should read.

8) The Monster Under the Bed

Leave your kids' books next to their beds. If you encourage them to read for a few minutes each night, they'll be polishing off books in no time.

9) Up, Up and Away

Reading regularly over the summer and winter holidays will ensure that all their hard work during the school year doesn't go to waste.

10) An Adventure of Its Own

To kids of all ages, there's nothing like a good adventure. Turn a trip to your library or local bookstore into an anticipated event, and you never know, your little ones might even beat you to the car.

So Oprah has given us her two cents- How about you? What are your tips to get your children to read for fun?