Literacy is so much more than simply reading and writing. It opens the door to knowledge and opportunity by offering an individual everything they need for endless learning! We are glad to live in a place where almost everyone has the opportunity to gain an education and learn the skills needed to succeed in everyday live. Unfortunately, obtaining literacy skills, is not always as easy as simply going to school. There are several individuals that were born with valuable gifts that are often hidden by their struggle with literacy skills. Whether they be young or old, rich or poor, these individuals are in need of the gift of literacy.

To help these individuals get the gift that will give them value for the remainder of their life, we are offering 25% off all Reading Horizons software purchases for the next 12 days! Also at the end of the 12 days we will be giving away one free 12 month online subscription of our new Reading Horizons v5 software!

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Question: "Why is literacy such a valuable gift?"

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