How motivated is your child to do well in school? Is he disinterested or eagerly working to enhance his mind? Recent research from Ben-Gurion University has revealed that your child’s motivation may be more swayed by your attitude about their education then you might think.

By studying 135 fourth graders and their parents after school habits, researchers found that students were most motivated to do their homework when their parents practiced these three habits, habits that you can easily incorporate into your afterschool routine:

  1. Emphasize the importance of learning rather than the importance of school performance.
  2. Engrain a sense of competence by allowing your child to plan his own homework schedule.
  3. Assure your child that he is loved regardless of his academic performance.

So, if your child is dragging his feet to do his homework or is unmotivated because he struggles with reading or other subjects, try emphasizing these three points to see how your child’s motivation is affected!