One of the most impressive things anyone can do in life is to react positively to a challenge. There is always the occasional story in the news of a person that faced something extremely difficult but did not let the problem defeat them and as a result they were able to help others face a similar challenge. The following stories all discuss dyslexics who took their challenges and as a result were able to help others:

1. Dyslexia Affects A Billion People Worldwide 

This article discusses the far-reach of dyslexia and the story of Robert Langston and how dyslexia has impacted his life.

2.Lessons Learnt from Teaching Dyslexic Children

This was an interesting article on how a teacher adjusted his teaching to meet the needs of his dyslexic students and in response the entire class showed improvement.

3. Jamie Oliver Sets Up Own School: Helping ‘Disaffected’ Children

Because celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, struggled in school because of his dyslexia, he is setting up a school that caters to the needs of dyslexic students.

4. Former Ball State Star Davis Battling Dyslexia

Professional football player, Nate Davis from San Francisco, has to work to manage his dyslexia to be more effective on the football field.

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