Summer is usually a time to relish in the summer sun, frequenting water parks and setting up lemonade stands. With all the fun and excitement that summer brings, how will your child possibly find the time to read? And why would he want to?

We have compiled a list of what we believe is the best (and most fun!) tips for encouraging your child to read over the summer break to keep his literacy skills sharp and maybe, just maybe, incite a new love for reading.

Visit the library regularly. Going to the library frequently opens up a vast world of literature, readily available at your child’s fingertips. She will have access to books, audiotapes, magazines and more. At most community libraries, you will find fun summer activities and programs that promote literacy.

Connect reading with summer activities. This helps to capture your child’s interest in learning more. For example, if you are traveling to a new destination for a vacation, check out a book at the library that is about that location. Or, if your family is visiting an aquarium or zoo, have your child choose a book about one of the most intriguing animals he got to see.

Allow your child to choose books that interest him. Undoubtedly, giving a child that freedom creates a desire to read. Encourage him to read from his selected books 15-30 minutes a day. Remember, if you or the school dictates which books your child should read, he will be more likely to resist it.

Create a social event that promotes reading. Help your child organize a monthly book club, a summer book festival or a neighborhood book swap. Your child will get the social interaction she longs for, with the focus and attention on reading. She can discuss ideas or questions about books with friends, which will improve her comprehension skills. She can bond with existing friends and maybe even make some new friends.

Read the first book of a book series together. A series is a great way to attract a child to reading. If he enjoys the book, he will be captivated by the story and want more. You can continue to read the subsequent books in the series with him, or if he can handle the text and it is at his reading level, set him off on his own to finish the series. For even more help with reading, we provide a structured, systematic and simple program that your child can use this summer. For 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, he can experience gains in his reading levels and hit the classroom in the Fall with confidence.