Struggling to keep your child engaged during your homeschool day? We've compiled a list of reading strategies to mix things up and keep your child coming back for more.

1. Grab Your Suitcase

To teach your child how to make inferences, gather a suitcase full of objects and have your child describe what the owner of the suitcase must be like based on inferences made from the items in the suitcase. You can also do this activity using clues that an author gives in a story or passage and allow your child to draw inferences about a particular character from the items in the suitcase.

2. Use a 3-2-1 Strategy

After reading a passage, have your child write 3 things they learned, 2 things that they found interesting in that passage, and 1 question they had about what they read. Then have them share their answers with you. 

3. Sort Words

Have your child sort words from a story into parts of speech.

4. Cue the "ABCs"

Use each letter of the alphabet to begin a word that relates to a specific topic. For example, if the topic is weather, your child may choose the word “arid” for the letter A, the word “barometer” for letter B, and so forth.

5. Repeat and Speak

Next time you want your child to write letters, words, or sentences, try using multiple language skills at once. For example, say the word you would like them to write twice. Have your child repeat it back twice and then write it once. Finally, have your child read it aloud once.

For ideas on how to teach reading to your child in a fun and engaging way, be sure to learn about our Reading Horizons At-Home Discovery Reading Program