The back to school season is in full-swing. Now that the syllabus has been handed out and the introductions and formalities of starting a new school year are almost complete, expect loads of homework to start coming in. For a child, managing homework can be stressful but you can help to alleviate that pressure and foster your child’s academic success by following these simple study tips.

Organize & Prioritize

The most effective way to establish good study habits is to know how to prioritize properly. Help your child learn to prioritize by keeping track of upcoming assignments, tests and projects. Create a large calendar (like this one) so your child will be able to clearly see the “big or complete picture” at all times. This will help him learn how to manage and distribute his study time more equally, instead of procrastinating. This may entirely eliminate the dreaded cram-session the night before a big test or project is due.

Create a Workspace

Being organized will be much more difficult if there is not a dedicated study space. Create a space for your child that is clean, free of clutter and distractions and is well-lit. Use organizers and encourage your child to keep books and other study materials in this area and close at hand. A workspace could be an entire “study” or room or it could be a corner of a main living area using a divider for a little space. You may also consider playing music softly to create an inviting ambience to the study area. This will also help cultivate your child's creativity.

Establish a Routine

Most children will require some time to unwind once they get home from school. Give them this freedom to relax and unravel from the pressures and demands of a full school day. After a brief break of thirty minutes or so, have them begin on their assignments. If they don’t have anything to work on immediately, invite them to choose a book and read for thirty minutes to an hour. This will keep their reading and comprehension skills sharp and will allow their siblings that may be working on their homework to study with no distractions.

Refuel & Re-energize

When studying for a big test, give your child periodic breaks to re-energize. This could include a walk around the block, listening to a MP3 player or texting friends. This is also a good time to provide snacks to your child to get that extra boost needed for an intense study session. Avoid giving snacks during study-time as this can contribute to unconscious eating.

Following these simple tips is a sure way for your child to improve academically and to find more success and confidence in school. If your child is struggling with reading, check out our research-based and proven reading software.