I know that some families are already planning little mini summer vacations.

I remember our annual road trips to California to see my grandparents. My mother would take us to the store to get books for the trip - Nancy Drew, Little House on the Prairie, and A Wrinkle in Time.

My brother and I would read in the car until daylight faded, we got drowsy, or just plain carsick. What wonderful childhood memories!

Today, though, almost every vehicle has a built-in DVD player and children watch movies on the road. While I think watching a movie or two is a great idea, I wonder if parents realize that they are missing the point of traveling as a family?

Reading together and the talking with your child about a book is your chance to bond, to attach, and to reminisce about your own childhood. Trust me these moments in time don’t happen very often.

Dr. Daniel Siegel, the amazing brain and relationship attachment author, says that such conversations are one of the most powerful predictors of a strong bond between child and parent.

Not to mention the fact that imagination, growth, and improved reading skills soar when a child picks up a book.

This year, whether it’s a vacation or stay-cation, put down the DVD’s and pick up a book. Let’s read people!

Do you have family travel plans this summer?

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