We’re all different, but there are a few similarities that connect almost everyone. One of those things is learning to read. I’ve seen first hand that not everyone effectively learns to read, but I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone has had experiences learning to read.

Because of where I work I have become hyper aware of anything that relates to reading or language development. A few weeks ago I was watching some of our old home videos and I was surprised how often I or one of my siblings was video taped with a book in hand trying to sound out words, or, simply making up a story solely from the pictures of a book.

Reading allows people to bond in so many ways. I loved when I first watched that clip because it was fun to see how nice my brother was to me as a kid and how something as simple as him explaining a story to me allowed us to bond. My brother no longer explains what a book means to me but when I see him we often have conversations about books and things we have read. Reading provides people so many ways to connect with each other.

Because Reading Horizons actively works to create a system that strives to promote the success of anyone learning to read, we are interested in your own experiences of learning to read or your observations of your students’ or your own children’s experiences learning to read. On our Facebook page we are inviting anyone to share their favorite video clips of kids or students learning to read, as well as pictures and tips.

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