We've maintained for a long time now the standard that students should read 20 minutes a day to improve fluency and reading comprehension.

But what if your child is a struggling reader?

That 20 minutes probably feels like a life sentence to them. Plus laboring through reading passages, when you have a learning disability or have missed the fundamental steps in learning to read, can further diminish self-esteem.

This dedicated time is very important though. Here’s why setting aside a daily reading regimen can be a big boost to your student:

20 minutes a day x 30 days = 600 minutes x 12 months = 7200 minutes. That’s a whopping 120 hours of extra reading in a year!

If you have a struggling reader in your household consider breaking that 20 minutes into 10 minutes of phonics practice and 10 minutes of reading.

Other suggestions include playing games like Apples to ApplesUpWords, and Anagrams. Learning to read should be a joy not discouragement and drudgery.

Help your student today by giving them the fundamentals of reading – the tools they need to become happy, successful readers!