As frequently happens, I had a phone conversation last week with a person concerned for their fellow employee needing improved reading skills in order to go any further in her line of work and leadership. Other than being challenged with the written word, she was the ideal person for her position; evidently sharp, personable, and likeable in every way. (She had to be very intelligent to have circumvented all the daily struggles with necessary reading as well as she had for years, which is often the case with dyslexia.) But because of the poor reading skills her progress with the company was now slowing, and she would be left behind, to the sadness of many. The concerned fellow employee called to buy our reading program for her friend, provide a computer access after work, and ensure that the learning process was completed. That desire to help is beautiful to see and feel. Likewise, the changes that will happen to the “limited” employee are incredibly beautiful, as well----limitless!