New U.S. Census data indicates that the number of children being raised by grandparents has risen sharply from 2007 to 2008. The survey also finds that grandparents place a premium on time spent with their grandchildren. For some, that time includes homeschooling their grandkids, as well.

Retired grandparents often find adjusting to life without the stable routine of a job difficult, so by becoming home schoolteachers they find a new lease on life. It helps to keep their minds active and focused on the task in hand, leading to a greater sense of mental health and agility. Plus the reward of helping a grandchild learn to read, understand math, and love history is a great perk for grandparents.

It could be the perfect solution to the dilemma of homeschooling - one that can be beneficial for all - the grandparent, parent and child. The future trend is evident - more retirees are expected to take charge of their grandkids' education.

Not matter how much you love your grandchildren or how much education you personally have, teaching has unique challenges.

Experts recommend that grandparents who want to become involved with homeschooling should consider their health carefully. Do not underestimate the amount of time and energy teaching will require. Teachers are "on stage" for hours each day. In addition, there are field trips to plan, papers to grade and lesson plans to prepare.

Grandparents will need to learn good teaching strategies – especially for the basics like reading and phonics skills.

Discipline can be very challenging for grandparents who are homeschooling because they have problems understanding how to readjust their roles from the one who showers the child will love and affection to a grandparents who acts more like a parent. One who is willing to enforce consequences when the child misbehaves.

While it’s important to have the right lesson plans and materials, it’s even more critical to know how to teach the method. For example, the Discover Intensive Phonics is a proven, systematic approach to teaching reading using the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Are you a grandparent who is teaching your grandchildren at home? We’d love to hear your story!