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Here are a few excerpts from Guided Reading at Home by Cathy Puett Miller, courtesy of The Reading Tub.

This is an excellent supplement to Discover Intensive Phonics. The complete article is attached to this blog post.

Reading is one of the things that every child must possess to be successful in life. Like walking, it is a skill that is learned, with lots of practice. It isn’t a natural ability that we are born with. Join literacy expert Cathy Puett Miller as she gives parents simple tools they can use at home to complement their child’s school work, and offer additional one-on-one practice that is rewarding for everyone.

Guide Point #1: Don’t give your child the answer.

Guide Point #2: Enjoy the reading experience by being conversational and supportive. Praise their efforts and celebrate their successes.

Guide Point #3: Be consistent; practice makes perfect.

Regardless of individual perspectives on the subject of how we teach literacy, we know we need to help our kids learn to read. And parents, WANT to give their children every opportunity to help them succeed at reading… and life.

What will you do this summer to help your child improve their reading skills?