Help your child get lost into a captivating book by becoming a part of it!

There are many different reading activities available to help your child foster a love of literature. He can even improve his reading comprehension along the way! These activities are especially good for the struggling reader who is uninterested in reading at all.

  • Find books that have a distinct location that the story is set to. Go visit this location with your child and read the book together. He will experience the sights, sounds and smells associated with this location which will enrich his experience of reading a book and deepen his understanding of the book and its content.
  • Have your child illustrate the story as you read. He may also be interested in creating the stories’ characters and objects using art supplies such as modeling clay.
  • Get out the video camera and have your child direct his own movie or play, complete with a cast. Help him to whip up some costumes and props. He can even adapt the story into a screenplay. This is a great activity for reading comprehension.
  • With your child, read the voices of the characters and narrator using the technique, part reading. You could also use puppets for more of a visual experience.

Reading should be enjoyable - a no-pressure time to be together and explore imagination and untold possibilities. What tips do you have to keep your child engaged and happy while reading?