Reading Horizons has created a series of short documentaries titled, In Your Own Backyard, in an effort to show that reading difficulties are real and prevalent. There are people “In Your Own Backyard” of all ages and backgrounds who struggle with reading and literacy skills. Hear them tell their stories at:

Here is a preview of one of their stories:

In Your Own Backyard spotlights the following three individuals:

Ann Sharp is a successful professor at Utah Valley University, where she works in the Elementary Education Department. One of Ann’s greatest accomplishments was earning her doctorate degree in elementary education. While working on her Ph.D., she began studying reading disabilities and discovered that she had had dyslexia her entire life!

Dustin Volk is a professional golfer from Kaysville, Utah. As a child, he struggled with reading and, at a young age, discovered he had dyslexia. As school continued to be struggle for him throughout his education, he found great solace in his aptitude for golf.

Cory Warner is a recent graduate from Viewmont High School in Bountiful, Utah. When he was younger, he found himself struggling with reading and became the “troublemaker” at school to get out of reading tasks. Despite his weakness in reading, he began to find that he thrived when he was doing anything active.

Watch the inspiring videos of these three diverse individuals at:

Pass along this link to raise awareness that illiteracy continues to be a struggle for many individuals “In Your Own Backyard.”