Often we look for new, complex solutions to solve the problems we face. However, there are often simple solutions or steps we can take to improve or alleviate the problems we rack our brains trying to solve.

One elementary school recently started a breakfast program in their classrooms where each student is provided a meal at the start of each school day. This takes up a small 12 minutes of their day and the school has figured that the teachers have gained instructional time because students are now more focused and less disruptive throughout the day.

Not every school can or will adapt such a program, but as a parent you can make sure you send your school ready to learn and improve in the all areas of learning - especially in those subjects that are an extra struggle for him/her.

Wanita Watts, the nutritional services director for the Springfield Public Schools (who adapted this program) said: "Food is fuel for the brain and body, and some were literally coming to school empty. Now kids are ready to learn."

From the article:

Tardies are down. Attendance is up. And for the first time in four years, the Title I school made adequate yearly progress in both math and communication arts.

It's amazing how something as simple as taking care of our basic needs, such as eating and sleeping, can have such a large impact on the more complicated problems we face.

If your child is struggling in reading or other subjects it is vitally important that they get a good breakfast each morning so their brain can perform at its peak - thus increasing your child's chance to make sense of his more challenging subjects.