Over the weekend a new website was launched for www.readinghorizons.com, (sister site to athome.readinghorizons.com). The exciting news precedes by a month the coming release of version 5 of our reading program for commercial use for ages 10-adults. Eventually within the next year this will lead to a new home-use product as well. Advances in technology and new ideas for experiencing the most effectual learning in the systematic Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself methodology have led to this extensive project called version 5.

I plan on taking a tour of the new site today and through the next week in order to recommend to at-home users the newest learning resources/features available there. Teaching reading in classrooms and institutions isn't all that different from teaching at home, or being a learner at home, considering the need is to find the best resources at our fingertips for developing a solid foundation in reading skills, which ultimately affects so much of all the other learning we will do in our lives.