For some reason there is an irresistible pull to read a shirt with writing on it. Yet, when it comes to books and other reading materials – kids (and adults) don’t always find that same irresistible pull. But what if kids (and adults) saw a book and felt the same draw they have when they see a goofy t-shirt? A lot more reading would be going on.

Well, since shirts are such an enticing source of information, we decided to use them to encourage the behavior that would benefit kids in a way much more than actually reading t-shirts: to get them to read books. So far, people just like the shirts…

Read Books Not Shirts T-Shirt

As of yet, the shirts have been used as giveaways at conferences, trainings, and presentations. But… they will be soon be available for purchase as part of a charitable cause. Let us know if you would like to stay informed about their availability by commenting below!