If you are a long time follower of Reading Horizons At-Home you may have noticed we recently launched a new website. After gathering feedback from website visitors, customers, tutors and our homeschool panel, we really wanted to make some changes to make the site more user friendly. I will be posting a series of posts walking you through some of the changes. Below are some of the changes made to the home page and navigation. We hope you check out the site and we would love to hear your feedback.

Home page navigation. We cleaned up the home page so information is easier to find. By clicking on the logo you can get to our school site by choosing classroom solutions. 

The Solutions tab is full of individual targeted pages specific to your needs. Here is where you will learn how Reading Horizons At-Home will fit in with your specific need. Choose from homeschooling, struggling reader, tutoring, dyslexia and adult instruction.

The Resources Tab is full of resources such as our Reading Academy. Here you will find information on the Reading Horizons method, learning disabilities diagnosis and treatments, tutorial videos and games. The Parent Phonics Training is a free resource that walks you through the Reading Horizons method and rules. You can also view video and written testimonial success stories. The Reading Forum is where you can go to connect with other people passionate about reading and ask questions. You can also view free educational online webinars about a variety of reading and homeschool topics.

The next navigation tab is the blog. The Reading Horizons At-home blog is a great way to get free resources, printables and activities you can use with your family today. It is also a place you can connect with other Reading Horizons users.

Products is divided into two parts; Discovery for ages 4-9 and Elevate for ages 10 and above. By choosing which group you are most interested in you will with be able to browse through the software, instructor materials and supplemental materials.

What appeals most to you about the new navigation? What are you most excited to dive into? Like the new site? Yes or No?