The new Reading Horizons Discovery is the first step to your child’s future success. It provides every beginning and struggling reader with the reading skills they need to have a successful future. By teaching reading in a way that is both appealing and logical to children, they learn that reading is rewarding – rather than frustrating. Take a peek at how the software works.

About Discovery Software The Reading Horizons Discovery software provides children ages 4-9 with the strategies and skills they need to become confident readers through fun and engaging interactive lessons.

To assure your child’s proficiency, built-in assessments are administered after each lesson, chapter, and comprehension exercise. When a child shows need, the software provides additional instruction and notifies the parent that he or she should intervene with targeted instruction.

To keep students motivated and engaged, the software uses exciting themes, characters, and language-related games. As students successfully master decoding skills and new vocabulary words, they earn coins that are needed to access each game.

Software Features:

  • 63 interactive lessons teach students the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, Five Phonetic Skills, and Two Decoding Skills
  • 22 Most Common Words Lessons
  • 13 Reference Lessons aligned to requirements of the Common Core State Standards
  • Built-in assessments assure proficiency after each lesson, chapter, and comprehension exercise
  • The Vocabulary Word Wall allows students to practice decoding skills while building their vocabulary
  • 64 full-color, age-appropriate stories help students transfer decoding skills to connected text
  • Six fun and engaging games can be accessed with the coins students earn in the lessons, vocabulary section, and reading passages
  • The Administration System allows parents to review assessment data

About Discovery Direct Instruction The direct-instruction materials provide short, scripted lesson plans that require little preparation time. The strategies taught in the lessons drastically decrease a child’s reading, spelling, and pronunciation errors.

By teaching your child to read with Reading Horizons Discovery materials, they are receiving high-engagement instruction that activates many areas of the brain – increasing how receptive and successful students are at learning each skill.

Direct-Instruction Materials Include:

  • Teacher’s Manual (six volumes divided by chapter for grades1-3, two volumes for Kindergarten) – scripted, two-color printing
  • 132Transfer Cards to help students practice and reinforce decoding skills
  • Six Wall Posters for student reference
  • Games Supplement includes high-engagement, differentiated activities for each lesson

Each lesson is designed to take between 20 to 30 minutes to teach, with additional practice exercises and games that can be implemented as needs dictate and schedules allow. These concise lessons keep children engaged.

Each scripted lesson includes:

  • Skill Review – 5 minutes
  • Teacher Instruction/ Teacher Modeling – 15-20 minutes
  • Guided Practice/ Dictation – 5-10 minutes or as time allows
  • Individual Practice – as time allows
  • Reinforcement and Differentiation Activities – as time allow

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