We've written before about Orlando Bloom and his struggles with dyslexia. But today I watched some recently released YouTube videos of Bloom talking about how he hid from dyslexia until reaching adulthood. It was at this time that he decided that nothing – not even dyslexia – would stop him from reaching his dreams.

I felt impressed to share this video because I know that the message of overcoming the stigma of dyslexia is an important one. It's important to note that 15-20% of the U.S. population has a specific reading disability.

Imagine how a seven-year-old dyslexic child would feel when he hears Orlando Bloom say, “It’s a gift and don’t let anyone tell you that because you struggle with dyslexia you’ll never make it in life because it’s simply not true. It’s about your determination and desire to overcome. And I think that the obstacles that come with any disability can become the opportunity of your life if you make it that.” 

More important than this message (which I hope you will share with your children and students), is giving children the reading strategies that they need so that they can successfully learn how to decode and encode words.

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