Homeschooling or educating at home is undoubtedly on the minds of many parents around the country at this time of year. Whether reluctant to send children to public schools for the first time or once again, these are tough decisions for many people. An article in the New Observer of North Carolina mentions the increase in homeschooling that seems reflective of the situation and attitudes in many states.

Because of technology and the internet, would support and resources for homeschooling families ever have been better than at the present time? That very concept could mean that a good education is more critical than ever, though. For example, competition for employment certainly edges out non-readers. Add to that disadvantage the challenge of inadequate computer skills for communication or datakeeping, and the picture for success in life loses brightness. I read one homeschooling mom's blog recently that said reading was their homeschooling. She may be over-generalizing, but hits a nail on the head because reading is foundational. So whether your child's formal education happens in a school or not, or even if there is no "formal" part to it, one would be wise to make sure the reading skills are all in place.