This morning I spoke with a woman who asked about testimonials before then calling back and ordering. Here is the link for those interesting reading success stories. I'm sure it's encouraging to hear people who've struggled with something like dsylexia and already found this life-changing help. There are so many different types of reading programs that it can be overwhelming, and how does a person sift through it all? The National Reading Panel mandated by Congress in 2000 came up with these recommendations for reading instruction: the word recognition program needs to be first -- explicitly taught; second, systematically planned and organized; and third, sequenced in a fashion that moves from simple to complex. Reading Horizons appeals to individual learning style, using what is often referred to as Orton-Gillingham principles of multi-sensory instruction. The success of this methodology can be seen in a long track-record of over thirty years. In other words, you can imagine a ton of testimonials beyond those included at the site.