Waking up to wintry weather and snowy roads usually affects me with the desire to stay by a warm fire and hunker down with a great book. Road conditions here can be worthy of the anxiety they cause. I noticed this morning that despite that feeling I was still happy to come to work; the reason being that there is much good happening here. Such wonderful people call us every day. Some are homeschooling, some wanting to supplement or intervene in their children's public school experience, and some are just realizing they can help themselves, or that they can help someone else in a big way. I also get to speak with busy homeschool group leaders; people who are volunteering, (usually), BIG time helping families be successful in their goals. We share a goal to empower parents in their teaching reading skills. That goal is often easily met by getting the word out about our online workshop-- (this whole methodology condensed for parents/tutors taking about four hours and at no charge or obligation). Or, if I can share the website url and people looking for reading activities find the games, worksheets, reasearch, etc., then they are grateful. This empowering is an important and enjoyable task, one that snowy roads didn't phase at all today.