It continually amazes me the differences in financial situations of people who call in for help each day. Sometimes there is mention of the many thousands of dollars they've invested in private schools that still don't know how to solve the problem of dyslexia. Other times it's the many hundreds spent so far on random-type programs or on the dyslexia assessment that confirmed what they already knew, but still didn't know what to do about. My heart just goes out to them. And it goes out even more to those who call because they are out of work and have no hope to solve that without solving their learning-how-to-read problem first, but of course they have no money with which to do that.

Thankfully I can offer two answers for that kind of call. One concerns our free online training for parents and tutors, encouraging them to find help from a relative or friend who could possibly learn the methodology in order to teach it to them. Secondly, we have a donation program they can apply for called Lemons for Literacy. Today we are awarding a young boy named Adam his software program. All the "lemonade ounces" required for his donated program have been earned by people who visit the Lemons for Literacy site and play a vocabulary game. Yay for Adam! And for the calls from people who are tired of spending money, thankfullly I can reassure them that this should be the end of their search for help with reading skills.