Yesterday, I attended the Utah Technology Council gathering at the State Capitol Rotunda. The purpose for going and setting up a vendor booth, at least for us, was to introduce the members of congress to the Reading Horizons product line and to discuss literacy and education reforms.

And, although we did greet and meet some wonderful contacts, the thing that was most striking to me is that as soon as the more formal discussion ended, nearly every legislator and booth visitor said in a quiet voice – “I have a son (daughter, grandson, granddaughter, or friend) who struggles with reading. Can you help them?” I was so pleased and excited to say, “Yes, look at these research results!” “Our programs are excellent for helping emerging readers plus, and even more especially, those who are struggling readers suffering from learning disabilities, like dyslexia.”

This experience reminded me that we all know someone who quietly faces the disappointment of not being able to read. Why are they struggling readers? Why are there so many, when we have the proven answer and help right here?