As summer approaches I’ve been thinking increasingly about the importance of summer reading programs for struggling readers. Summer presents the perfect opportunity for children that struggle with reading, or any skill, to catch up with their peers and improve their reading skills. I can’t imagine how empowered a child would feel to return to school ready to learn and reading at the same level, or even above the reading level, of their peers. Especially for a child who has never thrived in developing reading skills.

Summer is a great time for children to enjoy friends and family, but it is also a great time for them to continue learning. Because it is harder for them, students that struggle probably want a break from school more than any student. However, if they can overcome that difficulty and prevent those struggles from impacting the upcoming school year, the value of a summer reading program is priceless.

Reading Horizons At Home offers a reading program that is perfect for children to use throughout the summer. The computer software can be loaded onto a laptop and can easily be transported for use on family vacations or onto a desktop computer for use at home. Reading Horizons also offers instruction manuals for parents who want to help teach their child how to improve their reading.

Because Reading Horizons was originally developed for use in schools, and continues to be today, it is founded on research and continues to be improved for maximum impact. This program offers high quality reading instruction for your child, without the need of an expensive learning center or program. By removing the need for you to drop your child off at a center, you add more flexibility to your child’s reading development and save money. With such a flexible program, your child can overcome reading difficulties without missing any fun this summer! Reading Horizons At Home is the perfect summer reading program for every struggling reader! Here are some of Reading Horizons tips for making summer a success for your child:

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