Last Saturday, Reading Horizons was a vendor at the semi-annual KSL Book Festival sponsored, in part, by Read Today.

Our overriding desire was to introduce families to our Lemons for Literacy program and to have a platform to talk about creating super readers and/or rescuing struggling readers.

After a day of playing ‘Knock Over the Lemonade Cans” and telling our story in the hot sun, we were exhausted and happy. There are so many people to talk to - to educate - and to help.

Why Are We So Passionate About Literacy?

More than 40 million people endure the stigma of being a poor reader. This education epidemic results in under-educated, under-employed, and often, unhappy individuals.

Reading Horizons has a product line of literacy software and direct instruction materials that can develop exceptional readers and remediate struggling readers – often in 40 hours or less. Take a tour of this award-winning program now >

About Lemons for Literacy

Lemons for Literacy is a free vocabulary building game that is available to anyone – anywhere. Each time you or your children play, you help someone else learn to read. Lemons for Literacy was created with two goals in mind:

  1. To eliminate illiteracy by providing free educational resources to those in need.
  2. To provide free literacy training to everyone.

Supporting literacy always makes for a great day. I am honestly so proud to be part of such a wonderful company and an amazing cause.

Reading Horizons. Watch out world, we’re out to change the world, one reader at a time!