Hello to all!  So I have spent the last couple of weeks traveling, training teachers in the Reading Horizons method, and I have contemplated a few truths.  I am learning that the majority of human experiences are very similar, whether we live in Calgary or Arkansas.  Most people seem to have a desire to learn and progress in their life.  Most people are good and have a desire to help others.  I have found in training teachers that most have the same concerns about helping their students succeed.  I have yet to go to a school where everything perfect or where no one cares.  When teachers, individuals, are open and willing to learn new ideas and incorporate those into their teaching, amazing things happen.

I think sometimes as parents we believe that maybe the problems at our child's school are only at that school.  Universal thoughts like, "If we just had a better curriculum; if we had a different teacher; if my child didn't have dyslexia; etc." seem to do more harm than good.  We may think that if we lived somewhere else or had different circumstances we would have greater success in certain areas of our lives.  That is the one thing I know for sure--circumstance has far less to do with our outcome than our attitude, determination, or work ethic.  Those individuals who take their struggles as challenges and get to work find great joy in life, and those who spend their time whining "poor me" seem miserable.  Sometimes changing certain situations is important to help optimize the possiblity of progress and success, but I truly believe attitude is the key.  When I see students, teachers or individuals in difficult circumstances find their strength within and rise above, it is amazing to witness.  With a desire to improve ourselves, a determination to work through whatever challenge we may face, and an attitude of willingness to help others along the way, we are sure to succeed and find great joy in the journey.  It has been a pleasure that last couple of weeks to work with teachers, students and individuals who have this desire, determination and attitude.  This is where life is at its best and great things happen!