LeBron James? Education advice? It might sound like a stretch until you realize he himself came from an inner-city school and the same situation many struggling students come from today. And he got out… and he knows what got him out. Now he’s not only a phenomenal basketball player, but also a highly successful business man.

In the recent Education Nation Summit, LeBron James was invited to speak about the “Wheels for Education” program he has created for the Akron Public School System (Akron being his hometown). The program provides laptops, bikes, and more one-on-one help to students who promise to meet certain education standards. One of the promises students must make in order to participate in the program is to commit to graduate from high school.

Here is the news clip from NBC News:

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Isn’t he cute? Personally, it’s the passion that get’s to me. The smile doesn’t hurt either. Or the fact that he makes an intelligent point. I must admit I expected him to stumble over his words when the host started asking what students really need to succeed and what needs to happen to turn the education system around. But he had an answer. He had a strong answer. And of course he had an answer. He’s an exception to the rule. He knows what worked for him. So, in the words of sports superstar LeBron James, what do struggling students need in order to succeed academically? A support system. He doesn’t credit himself with his success. He credits the coaches and mentors that believed in him and that taught him valuable life lessons.

Luckily, if you’re a parent, you can (and probably already are) implementing one of the biggest keys to your child’s success: providing him with a support system.

If your child is struggling with reading… you have researched every reading program and are getting your child back on track. You are letting him know that you love him regardless of his reading ability. You are pointing out his strengths and abilities and letting him know that you see a bright future for him. And guess what? LeBron James approves (well… I haven’t actually talked to him about it…)