Reading with a partner is a successful reading strategy that may help to improve fluency, increase concentration, build confidence, improve comprehension skills, interact socially in a positive way and find more fun in reading. There is the classic example of paired reading where a skilled reader assists a struggling or less fluent reader.

What are some other partner-reading activities that your children can enjoy?

Choral Reading – Have two of your children sit together, side-by-side, with a mutually selected book placed between them. They will now simply read in unison. This may be done under your direction or independently.

Repeated Reading – Did you know the recommended number of times a child should read something in order to read it fluently is four times? Keeping this in mind, have children repeat a passage from a book a few times, taking turns with one another.

Echo Reading – One partner reads a line from a passage. The other partner repeats the same line.

Part Reading – Have one child read the characters' parts only, with voices to match. The other child will read the narrator's parts.

Taking Turns – One partner reads a sentence, paragraph or page. The other reads the next sentence, paragraph or page.

Silent Reading – The children will read silently, sitting near each other and will ask one another for help when needed. It is nice to have a designated reading area in the home for the children to enjoy when silent reading.

Expressive Reading - One of my favorites! A child reads an excerpt from a book with meaning and expression. Another child does it again, interpreting in their own expressive way. This activity could be done with multiple children. It could even be acted out.

Other ideas include a brief Q&A after a page or passage is read, story retelling, drawing illustrations to match passages or writing a summary of that which is read.

We have a list of reading recommendations for ages 3-5ages 6-8 and ages 9-12 for your children to dig into! Remember, have your child choose the books he wants to read this summer to really motivate him for reading success!