We would like to thank everyone who participated in V5 for 5 Days! We will be sending a special offer to all participants with a special offer for participating in the campaign.

And the winner is...

Jackie Breidel

Here is the comment she submitted that was selected in the drawing:

I believe the biggest challenge for dyslexics is overcoming the labels that people put on them. I know from taking my son to doctor upon doctor that there are so many people in this world that have no idea about dyslexia. I have been there while the schools are trying to push him through the grades and tell me to except the inevitable that he will never learn and that he has a low IQ when I know that he is so smart if they could of just sat down and tried to understand him or try to work with him instead of labeling him mentally incapable. These poor children have too many people giving up on them and not wanting to take the time and work with them because it is too much of a challenge. Eventually they themselves give up on them. They just don’t understand why they can not be like everyone else or why they are singled out or made fun of or even looked at differently. It is heart breaking.

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Also, although the campaign is over, feel free to continue to add comments. We love to hear feedback and to learn more about the people that are in need of our program.

Thanks again to all of our participants!