Most parents and spouses of struggling readers are skeptical of reading programs that claim they will help their loved one overcome their reading problems. Because of the crucial nature of reading skills, it is usually a problem in which the solution has been earnestly sought. So, how can you know that Reading Horizons v5 will help your struggling reader? Aside from customer testimonials, one of the best ways to have confidence that something will work, is to know how it works.

In the following video one of Reading Horizons Account Managers, Joey Maxfield, discusses how the Reading Horizons method works:

Aside from the method, there are three aspects of the Reading Horizons program that make it an effective solution for reading problems:

1. Caters to Individual’s Needs

Reading Horizons v5 requires that users pass of the skills and lessons throughout the program. If the user does not meet the passing requirement the program will require that they review their problem areas before proceeding with the program. The skill checks at the end of each lesson assure that users will only review the material that is challenging for them, and not the entire lesson.

2. Phonics Based

Most struggling readers have a difficulty for one of two reasons: they received poor instruction when developing their reading skills, or because they struggle with a learning disability (such as dyslexia).

Because Reading Horizons v5 is phonics based it helps remediate both of these problems. Phonics consists of all of the sounds of the English language and helps those that received poor instruction in the past to learn and understand the foundational building blocks of reading the English language.

Phonics is beneficial for dyslexics and individuals with reading disabilities because it helps them learn to break words up so they can sound out larger words. This is a substantial help to these individuals because the wiring of their brain favors the uptake of information as a whole, rather than breaking apart a visual symbol (like a word) into smaller pieces. Their tendency to look at things as a whole is usually what prevents them from excelling with reading. By helping these individuals learn to break apart words when reading they are able to improve their reading skills.

3. Provides Interactive Practice

Reading Horizons engages users on a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic level. Users actively use the skills taught throughout the duration of the program. Because the program does not allow users to passively progress, the skills are continuously solidified and reinforced leading to the development of effective reading strategies.

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