The release of Reading Horizons v5 At Home has been earnestly awaited ever since the release of Reading Horizons v5 for use in schools was released this past April. We are eager to help our home users get the program that has been helping schools help students overcome reading difficulties for the past 6 months! Here is a video of one of our Account Managers, Mauro Carlini, discussing the response that schools have had to the new v5 program:

Here is some of the feedback we have received from schools about Reading Horizons v5:

“This is fantastic! This puts Reading Horizons miles ahead of anything else that is out there on the market.” - Dr. Neil J. Anderson, Coordinator of the English Language Center at Brigham Young University “I LOVE it. I loved it before but the changes just blow me away! It's everything that the teachers have been asking for and much more.” - Sandy Hoffman, a trainer for Reading Horizons program

“The Library you've added is fantastic. This is just the component we have needed to bridge the gap [for struggling readers].” - Mike Feeney, Clearfield Job Corp Coordinator

Here is a success story from an ESL (English as a Second Language) Center that uses Reading Horizons v5:

“Without education you’re nobody.” says Enanu Abohoy. Enanu is originally from Ethiopia.  She had no schooling in her native country.  She came into our program as an ESL student and was extremely frustrated that she could not read and write as others did in her ESL class. Gradually she gained enough spoken English to move into our Pre-GED (Literacy) program where she is learning how to read and write.  Enanu no longer feels like a "nobody".

Enanu used the online Reading Horizons program and received direct instruction from her tutor.  She is very fond of the program.  “It helped me a lot to improve my reading and writing, I liked the voice and how it corrected me when I made mistakes,” said Enanu.  She also enjoyed the feedback she received upon completing a lesson.  “It was never negative,” she said.  Additionally, the program made her a better ‘listener.’  Her favorite aspects of the program were the examples on short and long vowels as well as the clear instructions spoken to her.

“The program recognized the student’s strengths and weaknesses and encouraged her to go back and repeat lessons she didn’t understand before she could move forward,” said Mia, Enanu’s tutor.

The tutor sees Reading Horizons as very beneficial for the students.  She also thinks that it provides positive feedback, and most importantly, she says, “the students don’t feel ashamed if they don’t get the right answer, since it’s just them and the program.”

They both recommend the program to anyone who needs and wants to improve reading and writing.

“The impact of reading and writing lasts not only a lifetime but for generations.” said Mia Monahan.

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