One of the best things about Reading Horizons v5 software is that it allows user to learn on an independent level. Because Reading Horizons v5 is designed for users ages 10 to adult, it is especially important that independent learning is possible.

Struggling readers are often insecure about their reading problems and the independence of the program removes the embarrassment that can come with struggling with reading. They can progress at their own rate with a program that automatically adjusts to their individual progress and provides corrective feedback when it is needed.

Reading Horizons v5 software removes the unwarranted shame that many struggling readers often feel as they are striving to improve their reading. The program also helps struggling readers by presenting a straightforward process that is easy to use.

Here is a video of reading Horizons Marketing Manager, Erika Huff, discussing the simplicity of the software offers and other features that make Reading Horizons v5 software the perfect match for struggling readers:

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Reading Horizons v5 Software Screenshots