While perusing several homeschool magazines this week, I've seen such an astounding amount of different homeschool curriculum options and programs to choose from.

How does a parent face it all? One article I read suggested gathering as many catalogues as you can, then reading them all. What a daunting task! Maybe it compares to how I have developed a liking-of and knack-for skimming recipe books. (How boring, you say!)  Browsing recipes seems to fine-tune a sense of what I am looking for in my own family's kitchen table experiences, and I am empowered by details recognized after years of frequently checking out a different cookbook at library visits. The activity has definitely not made me an expert cook or authority on recipes, but it has helped form my style of cooking and sense of what works for my home, giving a certain satisfaction and contentment. That's what I am usually after, of course, when all is said and done.

Good luck to you in choosing your new school year's curriculum, and if you are looking for a simple, explicit way of teaching reading, look no further than Reading Horizons!