It's not very warm here yet in Utah; it's been a wet and cool spring. That's okay. The temperature will rise and summer will come with its accompanying joys any day now.

Here's my wish list today: I wish for children to have memories of lazy summer afternoons outside under a tree on a camp blanket with pillows and a good book. I wish for young children to have regular visits to their library and the story hours, or possibly an old-fashioned neighborhood bookmobile. I wish for slow evenings and bedtimes when parents can read good novels to their children, a routine that takes the place of turning on the TV. I wish for daily reading activities that cause one's imagination to go to wonderful places. I wish for access to good recommendations of the best literature because time and resources are too valuable to waste on the mediocre. I wish for good help (our reading program) to find its way into the hands of children and adults who struggle with reading. I wish for laughter from children who are reading jokes for the first time, from the sharing between husband and wife of a beautiful, funny story just found, or from the fun postings between friends on Facebook.  I wish for budding scientists to have ah-hah moments of discovery while browsing through random journals. I wish for more journal entrying or blogging or posting that lifts and builds and embraces all the good in life, the kind that can be such a source of happiness. I wish for great biographies to be written and to be read.....and of course, the best fiction ever dreamed of to come forth. I wish you a wonderful summer, and much Happy Reading!