My last phone call this morning was from an older, retired teacher who knew the value of a good foundational phonics program from her days spent teaching reading to second-graders. She told me about the 22 year-old young woman she has been helping with our reading program manuals, (Discover Intensive Phonics). This poverty-stricken girl in her community has two disabled parents, and somehow ended up graduating from a small town high school without even knowing the complete alphabet.

When the realization hit my phone-friend how completely disadvantaged the girl was, she knew what she had to do to make a difference, to overcome the tragedy of probable-dyslexia going so many years unaddressed! She went into action to give of her time and effort. As they have made progress through the program, an excitement about it has grown. It isn't just blessing the life of the one being taught, but also of the teacher, as she says this has given her something meaningful to do. No doubt the added depth to her days will be far-reaching, as she said that perhaps there will be someone else who comes into her path when this experience is finished for whom she can also give hope. She'll be ready. I loved her story.

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